It's been nothing but good times around here lately. The Canucks are the number one team in the NHL, the stock market has been treating me right and I'm kicking ass with my grades at Rotman.

I know the Wings fans that lurk* on this blog would tell me not to get too excited about the Canucks yet, and they're probably right. In fact, I'm probably jinxing all of the above by bringing it up like this. But sometimes the only thing you can say is "dy-no-mite."

For those who have been asking about the CN Tower stair climb, I climbed the tallest building on the planet, all 1776 steps in 17:46. More importantly, our Rotman team raised over $4100 for the United Way - so thanks again to everyone who pitched in.

As I mentioned, everything at school is great - with the possible exception of my first year study group - which is turning into a bit of a gong show. Only a business school would throw people from different backgrounds and different continents together at random and expect them to put their egos and their control freakiness aside to function as a cohesive unit on complex projects.

* A lurker is someone who reads TAML, but does not leave comments.


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