Here we are the day after Halloween - All Hallow's Day. I hope everyone had a good one. By all reports, the best Halloween party east of the Playboy Mansion last night went down on Chrome Bolt Drive in Detroit Rock City. TAML sent a correspondent down to cover the festivities, but the last I heard from him was around midnite when he was strung up by his heels over a bonfire in Jay's driveway. The Chrome Bolt people were dancing around him and chanting and throwing hockey pucks at him. As of this morning his whereabouts are still unknown, and we are all praying for his safe return. I told the guy not to go down there dressed as a midget clown, but he just wouldn't listen.

My jack o'lantern this year was perhaps not my best effort. He was a little rushed. He was semi-evil, quasi-evil, he was the diet coke of evil. Just one calorie - not evil enough!

Today I'm going to watch Keith test for his black belt in Tae-bo. Buddy's gonna be breaking boards and concrete with his head and stuff. I understand for the finale they blindfold him, give him a light sabre, and this hovering robot fires lasers at him from point blank range. I'm hearing Billy Blanks will be there too so I'm psyched. Will Keith pass? Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. Light beer, salad? A jedi craves not these things.

And finally......

are you feeling lucky punk? Well, are you?

Glad to hear all's well in London.


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