I think there might be 2 or 3 of you devoted TAML readers who are actually considering doing what I have done - flushing your entire net worth down the toilet in pursuit of a fancy piece of paper with your name and the letters MBA on it. For the benefit of those intrepid few, and whoever else may be interested, today I'll review my impressions so far of Rotman's Corporate connections Centre. The CCC are those folks at Rotman whose responsibility it is to see that we all - or as many of us as possible - get jobs. Now most of the recruiting activity for us first years takes place in January and February, so this is somewhat preliminary, but here we go. My evaluation of Rotman's Career Centre so for is excellent. After only about 2 months, we've had a number of recruiting functions where we've had a chance to meet and network with finance professionals. We have had a "resume round robin" where our resumes are reviewed and edited by HR professionals and alumni. I've taken part in a videotaped mock interview and reviewed the tape with a CCC rep. Next week I have an industry-specific mock interview, when a Rotman alum who is currently working in sales & trading will interview me for a ficticious trading position, and then coach me and provide feedback on how I did. Frankly, I don't see how I can ask for much more. The only criticisms of the CCC so far are coming from those who aren't looking to get into either finance or consulting (the "big two" here at Rotman). If your focus is marketing, or non-profit work or anything else, the CCC really isn't of all that much help. Fine by me, but frustrating, when you're paying $50k for your MBA.

In other news, like a bolt of lightning out of the clear sky, today is the long, long, long-awaited released of the extended version of "The Two Towers" a.k.a. Lord of the Rings Part 2 on DVD. I'm hitting HMV right after class today to pick this baby up. If you're like me, and you like all the little extras that come with DVDs, you must own it. It's got 4 full-length commentaries, 5 documentaries, an interactive map of Middle-Earth, behind the scenes stuff about Gollum and the battle at Helm's Deep, etc, etc. Based on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD and the reviews I've read for TTT, this DVD will be special. Tonight, the books will be put aside and I'll be spending 3 1/2 hours or so with the Hobbits.

In yet another completely unrelated item, Kevin's mom has discovered his blog. Here's an excerpt:

"Mom loves hearing every boring detail of her kids' lives," he said.
"She'd want to know what I'm eating for dinner every night, if she
could. This blog is like porn for her."

I like to think this blog is pretty mom-friendly, I try to keep the talk about all the orgies I participate in and my snowballing cocaine habit to a minimum. You know I'm kidding, right Mom?

Couldn't think of a funny way to work this photo in, but I love it so much that I just had to post it. If anyone can think of a funny caption, leave it in the comments section:


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