It's another addition of TAML coming to you direct from Toronto, the city where a touque is more than just a fashion statement. It was -25 degrees this morning. The weather gods were clearly displeased by my previous post.

We are back in the groove at Rotman after the Christmas break, and one of the things that strikes me was the quantity and intensity of the networking that was going on upon our return. The fact that we had been seperated from one another for just 2 weeks didn't seem to slow anyone down. It is generally known that one of the major assets you leave b-school with is the network you've established with your classmates, but this seems to be an especially savvy group when it comes to networking. They understand the concept of reciprocity and they understand the idea that people like those like them, who like them. This one guy at Rotman guy is like a networking rolodex. He runs into me at school the other day and off the top of his head he says "Don, let's chat for a minute, we haven't talked since the second week in December when we discussed topics for our Negotiations paper. How was Christmas? Did you go back to Vancouver? Are you keeping up with your running?..." Meanwhile I'm trying to remember his name.

It's been a busy week on the summer internship search front. New summer jobs are now being posted at the Career Centre with encouraging regularity. Wednesday night UBS Securities had a recruiting reception, and Thursday night RBC Capital Markets held their reception. This morning I went to see the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada talk at "The National Club" downtown, where I did, guess what - networking. The wheels are in motion.

Elsewhere, President Bush is set to announce a manned mission to Mars.

What are the implications for the conspiracy theorists, those of you that don't believe we ever landed on the moon?

Here's something funny that made me laugh today. It combines all the hilarity of "Engrish" with a cool diagram. The diagram reminds me a little to much of all the "models" I'm learning about at Rotman. In case you are having any trouble following the logic, the diagram clears it all up.


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