Just a quick post today as I am in the midst of second quarter exams. I can honestly say I've never worked so hard at anything in my life. On the upside the holiday break is now within shouting distance. Next week second quarter concludes with the case competition for first year students. We are put in teams (they just love putting us in teams) and we get 24 hours to analyze a business strategy case, make a 15 minute presentation on it, and hopefully keep our sanity in the process. The case comp is being judged by CEOs, CFOs and assorted other business dignitaries in Toronto - just the kind of folks it would be nice to make an impression on as we head into recruiting season for summer jobs.

On the pop-culture front, today's recommendation in the category of television is Kenny vs. Spenny. With the exception of Hockey Night in Canada, this has to be the most entertaining thing on Canadian television today. Kenny has been dominating lately, so it was nice to see Kenny win for a change yesterday. Check it out - trust me.

This Saturday is the bachelor party of one of my old Brazilian travelling companions - Dave Taite. A few of us boys are taking him out for one last caipirinia - just for old times' sake.

Saude! Dave


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