Rotman is a demanding mistress, no doubt. But last night I was able to cast aside the book-learnin' for long enough to make it out to the movies. I've got to choose my movies carefully these days, as I get to see so few. Last nights selection was 21 Grams, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (a Mexican hombre directing his first firm in English)

and starring Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro. Outstanding performances by both of them - Sean Penn may be a traitor to his country, but I have to admit that the man can act. What makes the film different is the temporal sequence in which its presented. We've all seen the Tarantino-style presentation where he shows you the middle of the story first, goes back and shows the beginning, and then shows the end. Here, Iñárritu basically took the movie in sequential order, sliced the film into 1 minute blocks, shuffled blocks like a deck of cards and pasted the clips back together. Hard to picture until you see it, but it works. I give this one four thistles out of a possible five.

Having this blog is working out well so far. I'm saving time in a big way by not having to write an innumerable amount of e-mails back to people in Vancouver and different places when they ask "what's new?" When this happens, I just answer back "check the blog", in fact, I've saved a macro of "check the blog" so I don't even have to waste time with all those keystrokes. Also, I get practice with my writing on a semi-regular basis, and I get to tell you all what's what with pop culture - according to me.

I've read some half decent CD and DVD reviews, and recaps of certain outdoor hockey games on e-mail and in my comments section lately. My response to this is: why not start your own blog? Five to Ten minutes signing up with Blogger and presto, you too can publish to the web whenever you have something to say. I'm not the most computer-geeky guy around and I found it easy. If I was a certain Oilers fan, I would call my blog "Edmonblog - The First Ever Blog from Alberta" and put lots of cool 80's stuff on it. Think it over.


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