Blogging will be light this summer. I'll likely be limiting my posts to times when I'm actually doing something interesting, or when something goes on in the world that bears noting. In this case its mostly the latter.

By way of mandatory update, I made it back from Vegas with moderate damage to both my liver and bankbook. Smarty Jones can take credit for keeping me out of total bankrupcy. I can't say more, because as we all know what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. One photo has been approved for release however, I call it "unknown man relaxes poolside":

I'm working here this summer. I'm working with some very talented people and putting a few bucks away against those ever-mounting tuition bills.

I can't believe its been 10 years since the Canucks played in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Nothing has come close to it for me as a sports fan before it or since. The next biggest sports moments for me personally would have to be Canada's hockey gold medal in 2002 and Ben Johnson's gold medal in 1988. Like in '94, I can still remember where I was on those days and how it felt to be watching.

Tomorrow night is another game 7 of course, and what can you say about the Flames fans this year. They have really taken it to another level. Only hockey it seems has the unique power to bring us together like this as Canadians. Case in point was game 7 of the Calgary-Vancouver series earlier this month. Ed and I, and a ragtag group of Canuck fans who were for one reason or another unlucky enough to find themselves in Toronto, gathered at the bar to watch. When the Canucks scored in the dying seconds to send it into overtime, not only was I hugging Ed (who isn't exactly a "hugger"), but I was hugging other men who I had never met before.

You have to be envious of all the fun they are having in Calgary right now, yet I can't help but suspect that it would be an even bigger party were it either the Canucks or Leafs who were about to win the Cup. Of all the cities in Canada, those are the two where the party would be just utter pandemonium. Ottawa hasn't had a team long enough to be truly tortured the way fans are in Vancouver and Toronto. And its not like Edmonton and Montreal aren't great hockey towns, but they've both won The Cup multiple times - the festivities just wouldn't be at the same level.

As for "the goal that wasn't" in game 6, assuming the officials had the same views we had at home (and they did), I just don't see how that can't be a goal. Jes Golbez agrees with me, but strangely enough, the Calgary Sun doesn't. Hopefully it will be quickly forgotten when Calgary wins tomorrow. If they don't, however, I predict we will be hearing a lot more about it over the summer from the conspiracy theorists.

One last thing that's been bugging me: Today was the 60th anniversary of the D-day invasion and ceremonies were held in France to commemorate it. A number of Canadian veterans (guys who were actually serving in WWII) were forced to pay their own way to France in order to attend - just disgraceful. We in this country owe our veterans a debt we can never pay back, and we aren't even trying. Couldn't we have taken the money out of Adrienne Clarkson's budget?