Detroit Redux

Detroit Tigers opening day festivities went off as planned last week. Nobody in our group got seriously injured or arrested while we were downtown, and isn't that really all you can hope for when yours truly joins up with a group of Detroit's finest low-lifes for a pub crawl around the new Comerica Park to celebrate the arrival of baseball and spring weather? Now, baseball and beer are a natural match, and in fact I find it impossible to watch a game without beer because, let's face it, 90% of the time nothings happening so you need the beer to make it tolerable. I'd like to describe it in greater detail, but frankly I don't remember much after the 3rd or 4th inning.

Thanks on this trip go out to Jay for the hospitality, to Murphy for making the long drive across town to join us for Wrestlemania and late-night White Castle and to TAML's favorite baby, Thea, for her overall cuteness.

In an unrelated sidebar, I'm giving my NBA nickname-of-the-week to the New Jersey Nets' Brian Scalabrine - aka "Air Veal". That's almost funny enough to make me forget where Vince Carter plays and root for the Nets to squeek into the playoffs. Almost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

quote"90% of the time nothings is happening"
Better get back to Canada fast before u get a Detroit beating!!!
PS. i know what u mean

4/18/2005 8:47 PM  

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