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Yesterday the Rotman Rugby team made the 2 hour drive to London to play in the U of Western Ontario's MBA Rugby tournament. Teams were there from the Ivey School of Business (UWO), Ivey Alumni, Fanshaw and from Cornell University, who made the trip up from New York State. We were a little undermaned, but we managed to win one game out of three and generally make a pretty respectable showing. Yes, we played three games of rugby in one day. It was not good times this morning. In fact, I felt like that time Jack Tripper tried to dance and fool around with his gym instructor and not let her know he was so stiff from lifting weights that he could barely move. The late John Ritter was such a great physical comedian that I start to laughing everytime I think about that scene.

Its times like this though - almost too sore to climb out of bed this morning - that make me wonder if maybe I'm too old to be back at school. Maybe I just don't fit in on a University campus anymore.

No. No way. On second thought, I'm good.

The tournament was followed by an awards presentation in the Rugby clubhouse (congrats to the Ivey Alumni team for taking top spot), where the MVPs from each team, as tradition apparently dictates, were made to chug beer from a game worn rugby boot. The world has finally found a good use for Lucky Lager. I suspect the boot may even have improved the taste if they were using Lucky. After that all the teams drank a little beer together, and sung a few songs. It was worth the trip just getting to meet the MBAers from other schools out on the field and in the bar. Great group of guys.

Elsewhere, this Greatest Canadian debate is really rattling some cages. I'm on the record in this matter from last year picking Terry Fox, Billy Bishop and John A. MacDonald as my top three. Some people though, are taking it too seriously. Andrew Coyne from the National Post can't understand why Don Cherry is on the list. It's simple. People voted him on, in Cherry's own words, to piss off liberals. Others aren't taking it seriously enough. Winnipeg radio dj Hal Anderson got his listeners to vote him on as a stunt. Now, maybe Avril Lavigne doesn't deserve to have her name next to inventors and Prime Ministers. But maybe to the people that voted for Avril, her music means more to them than anything any of the others did.

Speaking of music, I can't stop listening to Franz Ferdinand. Get hip and check them out. The band says they picked the moniker to wipe the name of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand from the face of history. He was credited by many for starting World War I.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don - you know lots of cool things. Why do we never hear the juicy MBA life stuff on your blog? How were the girls at Ivey - did your lucky purple spandex come through for you? ;)
Seriously, congrats to you for playing 3 games in a day! You're a Rotman hero! Next March you should give everyone a heads-up about Duke and invite them out!
So, is Ron Jeremy 16 inches???

10/28/2004 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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