As the final grains of sand are about to pass through that skinny part of my First Year MBA hourglass, I'm putting the finishing touches on the last piece of the puzzle - an essay on business ethics of all things. Once I put this to bed I'm off to watch the Canucks and the Flames in game six tonight. The Canucks will win tonight of course, everyone knows that when the Flames play the Canucks get together in the playoffs it always goes 7. Diehard fan that I am, I still believe that the Nucks win this series. As Christopher Moltisanti says: they just need to "Keep their eyes on the Tiger." Love this game, love this team.

To quote the same movie two posts in a row, "It's all happening!" The very good news today is I'm now officially hooked up with a great summer gig. One that should provide once in a lifetime experience and allow me to pay back some of my ever-mounting student debt. To celebrate, Im off to Vancouver next week to kick it on the West Coast. I'm gonna get do all my favorite Vancouver stuff and see all my favorite Vancouver people - so I'm very stoked. Sushi at Tanpopo, Grouse Grind, Stanley Park Seawall. Too bad its too early for a nooner at Nat Bailey Stadium. After that me and a few of the boys are heading down to Vegas. Yes, just me, and all my degenerate alcoholic gambler friends, what could go wrong? I even know about this great private poker game, its supposed to be especially for rookies.


I went to see the matinee of Kill Bill 2 today on the Imax big screen. You've got to love Quentin Tarentino. All his movies have such great style, but especially Kill Bill 1 & 2. Great music, great dialogue, great clothes - so funny and violent. Why aren't there more movies like this and fewer of the kind Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy put out these days? Kill Bill 2 just makes it fun to go to the movies again. Tarentino doesn't treat you like you're stupid. He know's you grew up watching kung-fu movies and spaghetti westerns and he gives you what you want to see. I urge you to see this film before people start talking about all the best scenes and ruin it for you.

Here's a tip: don't buy the KB Vol. 1 DVD yet. It's got just a bare bones of extra features. Wait for the combined Vol. 1 & 2 to be released, which will be packed with extras.

Finally, the CBC is putting together a show called The Greatest Canadian. They let you nominate your favorites on their website, then they profile them on the show and you vote for your favourite American-Idol Style. I had a scroll through the CBC's suggested nominees, and its amazing how many athletes and entertainers are on this list. Can you really see choosing an athlete or entertainer as the Greatest Canadian to Ever Live? It's Celine Dion - "The Supreme Canadian Being!" Best to ever draw a breath! I admit I had never given it much though until now, but my top choices are Terry Fox, Billy Bishop and John A. MacDonald.