It's TAML coming to you again direct from Toronto, the nation's leading producer of dirty snow. Looks like I dropped the ball on the whole Janet Jackson "nipplegate" thing, all the jokes have been made and all the fingers have been wagged. I feel a little bad, because when watershed events in pop culture such as this go down, people look to TAML for analysis and reaction - and I was nowhere to be found. Instead I'll direct your pop culture-savvy attention to the hottest thing on the internet right now - William Hung.

In MBA land right now there is a distinct lack of focus. My attention is still split between coursework and hunting down that elusive summer internship. BusinessWeek came out with an article last week about the growing importance of summer internships for MBAs. It essentially said that the summer internship that you do between your first and second year of an MBA is increasingly leading to offers of full time work upon completion of your degree. You do good work over the summer and you have a job waiting for you at graduation. I think people at school were getting a sense of this even before the article was released. Rotmanites keep a very close eye on things that effect the supply of and demand for internships (the economy, the stock market, the number of people getting fired a la CIBC's David Kassie for corruption/scandal).

The important point here is that there is now even more pressure to find a good summer job. Not only do you need a good internship to gain experience and make some cash over the summer, but now your prospects for work after graduation are weakened if you don't find one. In addition, the process of finding a summer job is becoming more drawn out than I had anticipated. Out of 270 first year students at Rotman, only about 40 have found internships as of today. (although not all 270 are looking, some plan to travel or do other things over the summer) The folks at the career centre say not to panic, and that more than half the summer hiring takes place after April 1st, when companies' summer HR needs come into better focus.

In conclusion, I can't remember the last pop song that came out that was any better than "Hey Ya". Everybody likes it. It has that genre-spanning, white guy-black guy-old guy-young guy all shaking it in unison like a polariod picture appeal.

Update: serendipitous to the above post, you can also check out William Hung feat. Outkast "She Bangs Remix 2K4"


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